EMC World 2016!!!

For the first time in my Career I will be attending EMC World!!  This is something that I have been looking forward to for a long time and can’t wait to arrive tomorrow.  Being part of EMC Elect adds to the value of the Conference with some insider events as well as some super cool activities.  Below is my tentative schedule that looks to be jammed packed full of sessions and events.  I plan on posting daily blogs and maybe even a blog per session. Stay Tuned!! EMC World 8 years in the making….

Monday 5/2

  • VNX Family Update: What’s New
  • General Session: Modernizing The Industry
  • Supernap Tour and Session with EMC Elect!
  • New Midrange Storage Flash Optimization Deep Dive

Tuesday 5/3

  • VCE VxRail: Extend & Simplify VMware Environments with Hyper-Converged Appliances
  • General Session: Modernize Your Datacenter
  • VxRack Systems Technical Deep Dive
  • Virtual SAN: Tips, Tricks, Best Practices, & Guidance
  • VMAX: Behind the White Light of The All Flash VMAX 450F/FX & 850F/FX
  • Also taking the VNX Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers
  • Global Partner Appreciation Event

Wednesday 5/4

  • ProtectPoint: What’s New in 2016 – 20x Faster Backup for VMAX and XtremIO
  • General Session: Modernize Your Business
  • Enable Long-Term retention to the Cloud Object Storage with Data Domain, Networker and Avamar
  • Unity Cert Prep Session
  • RecoverPoint: What’s New in 2016
  • Unity Exam
  • Customer Appreciation Event

RecoverPoint 4.4 SP1 New Features and Changes

RecoverPoint 4.4 SP1 has just been released and I wanted to post the New Features and Changes

Gen6 support

The Gen6 RecoverPoint appliance supports all of the functionality supported by the Gen5 appliance. Gen6 appliances support:

  • Improved system performance
  • Flexible configuration of I/O modules
  • 10 Gb Ethernet environments
  • Customer replacement of disk drives and power supplies

Unity Support

RecoverPoint now supports the Unity Midrange platforms.

Online help

Online help has been added for ProtectPoint users. ProtectPoint users can now select Help > ProtectPoint for XtremIO Help to open the ProtectPoint help. Clicking the help icon of a specific GUI element while a group with a Data Domain copy is selected will display the ProtectPoint-specific help.

Java™ 8

RecoverPoint Appliances now run on Java 8.

CCA.xml download page

System installations and upgrades for customers without Internet connectivity are simplified now that the customer can download the Installation Change Management XML file.

Axxana end of service life

As of RecoverPoint 4.4.1, the Axxana Phoenix system is not supported.

EMC World 2016 Series – ScaleIO 2.0

EMC World is less than 3 weeks away and this will be my first year attending!!  I wanted to do a short series on some of the recent announcements that most likely be covered at EMC World.   The first is ScaleIO 2.0

ScaleIO 2.0 – Enriched Security

  • IPv6 Support
    • ScaleIO can be used with either IPv4 or IPv6
    • Supports all IPv6 addresses in the same cluster
    • Enabled for both internal and external components
  • AD/LDAP and secured LDAP
    • Authenticate against Active directory
    • Mapped to ScaleIO roles
    • You can do Native Authentication, LDAP or both
    • Local users can be removed
  • Software Component Validation
    • Certificates generate at deployment
    • Certificate based when adding – Trust established, when reconnecting challenge
    • Central Management
  • Secure Connections (SSL)
    • MDM uses SSL certificate to communicate with all external components
    • Self-signed certificate
    • May be enabled and deployed automatically at install

ScaleIO 2.0 Enhanced Resiliency

  • In-flight Checksum
    • Prevents invalid data from being written to the system
    • Calculate and validate checksum on application data
    • Checksum us calculated/validate when
      • IO enters or exits the SDC
      • IO is read or written to the SDS device
    • Protects against changes in transit
      • Disks maintain their own checksum
    • Enabled or disabled at Storage Pool Level
    • 16-bit per 512B block
  • 5 Node MDM Cluster
    • 5 MDM cluster members
    • Three options
      • 5-node: 3 MDMs + 2 Tie Breakers
      • 3-Node: 2 MDMs + 1 Tie Breaker
      • 1-Node: Single Node
    • Option for multiple standby MDMs
    • MDMs now have a unique ID and Name
  • Read Flash Cache
    • May be controlled by CLI or GUI
    • New type of SDS device added
    • New “Read Flash Cache” present in the backend view
    • Accelerate the reads of HDD devices by using PCI flash cards and SSDs for caching
  • ESRS
    • Two-way remote connection enables remote monitoring and remote diagnosis/repair
    • ScaleIO remote support works with ERSR v3 only
    • ScaleIO is registered as a single product using the license SWID
  • Instance Maintenance Mode
    • Supports SDS node reboot
  • Non-disruptive Upgrade Orchestration
    • NDU from Major to Major and Minor to Minor
    • Rolling
    • Done by IM
    • Upgrade Order
      • IM/Plugin, LIA, MDM, SDS, SDC
    • New Functionality available after upgrading MDM and SDS
    • SDC upgrade
      • May be accessing 2 or more clusters
      • Forwards and backwards compatible
      • Requires a host reboot
      • May be postponed to planned maintenance

ScaleIO 2.0 Expanded Agility

  • Enhanced GUI Storage Management
    • New “Frontend” tab
      • Volume operation: Add, Remove, Rename, Increase size, Enable and Disable, RAM Cache
      • Snapshots
      • SDC
    • Accessible based upon defined roles in ScaleIO or AD/LDAP