VxRack FLEX: Introduction and What’s New

Below is a summary of the session I did on VxRack Flex at Dell Technologies World. ScaleIO is now VxRack Flex OS Choice of Hyper-visor/bare metal High performance for applications and databases Server SAN / 2-layer architecture Multi-hypervisor / Bare Metal 14th Generation adds 2.3x IOPs, 250% more bandwidth Management and Monitoring VxFlex OS, VMware … Continue reading VxRack FLEX: Introduction and What’s New

Rubrik Polaris

Today Rubrik has announced a new platform called Rubrik Polaris.  What is Rubrik Polaris? Rubrik Polaris is a consumable resource that you tap into, rather than a pile of infrastructure that you setup and manage.  Essentially it is a SaaS solution that runs in the public cloud with the ability to connect into all your … Continue reading Rubrik Polaris