New Career, Same Place, Exciting Times!!

It has been a slow year for blogging this year, so it is time to start it back up!  I want to start off with a career update.  VMworld 2017 was an eye-opening experience for me.  I finally saw the paradigm shift that so many have talked about over the years, Public Cloud.  At that point I started down the path of really trying to learn Public Cloud and DevOps.  Started diving into AWS and Automation.

For 10 years I was an engineer around Storage, VMware, Backups, Disaster Recovery, etc… Now, 1 year after my VMworld experience, I am a Public Cloud Architect!  It is a big change, but a change that was necessary for many reasons.  My goal now with this blog is to help engineers with the same career challenges, make the transition to Public Cloud and Automation.  I also plan on diving into AWS with posts on solutions that I am building to help customers.  Going forward this blog will be all Cloud!!

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