VxRack FLEX: Introduction and What’s New

Below is a summary of the session I did on VxRack Flex at Dell Technologies World.

  • ScaleIO is now VxRack Flex OS
  • Choice of Hyper-visor/bare metal
  • High performance for applications and databases
  • Server SAN / 2-layer architecture
  • Multi-hypervisor / Bare Metal
  • 14th Generation adds 2.3x IOPs, 250% more bandwidth
  • Management and Monitoring
    • VxFlex OS, VMware vCenter, Vision Intelligent Operations, ESRS
  • Data Protection with DPS Suite, Avamar and Netowrker with Data Domain and RP4VMs


  • Dell PowerEdge 14th Gen
  • Nexus 9K ToR
  • 9K access switch
  • 3k management
  • VxRack Controller
  • Completely redundant
  • R640 and R740XD options


  • VxFlex OS (Formely ScaleIO)
  • Choice of hypervisor

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