RecoverPoint 4.4 SP1 New Features and Changes

RecoverPoint 4.4 SP1 has just been released and I wanted to post the New Features and Changes

Gen6 support

The Gen6 RecoverPoint appliance supports all of the functionality supported by the Gen5 appliance. Gen6 appliances support:

  • Improved system performance
  • Flexible configuration of I/O modules
  • 10 Gb Ethernet environments
  • Customer replacement of disk drives and power supplies

Unity Support

RecoverPoint now supports the Unity Midrange platforms.

Online help

Online help has been added for ProtectPoint users. ProtectPoint users can now select Help > ProtectPoint for XtremIO Help to open the ProtectPoint help. Clicking the help icon of a specific GUI element while a group with a Data Domain copy is selected will display the ProtectPoint-specific help.

Java™ 8

RecoverPoint Appliances now run on Java 8.

CCA.xml download page

System installations and upgrades for customers without Internet connectivity are simplified now that the customer can download the Installation Change Management XML file.

Axxana end of service life

As of RecoverPoint 4.4.1, the Axxana Phoenix system is not supported.

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