EMC World 2016 Series – ScaleIO 2.0

EMC World is less than 3 weeks away and this will be my first year attending!!  I wanted to do a short series on some of the recent announcements that most likely be covered at EMC World.   The first is ScaleIO 2.0

ScaleIO 2.0 – Enriched Security

  • IPv6 Support
    • ScaleIO can be used with either IPv4 or IPv6
    • Supports all IPv6 addresses in the same cluster
    • Enabled for both internal and external components
  • AD/LDAP and secured LDAP
    • Authenticate against Active directory
    • Mapped to ScaleIO roles
    • You can do Native Authentication, LDAP or both
    • Local users can be removed
  • Software Component Validation
    • Certificates generate at deployment
    • Certificate based when adding – Trust established, when reconnecting challenge
    • Central Management
  • Secure Connections (SSL)
    • MDM uses SSL certificate to communicate with all external components
    • Self-signed certificate
    • May be enabled and deployed automatically at install

ScaleIO 2.0 Enhanced Resiliency

  • In-flight Checksum
    • Prevents invalid data from being written to the system
    • Calculate and validate checksum on application data
    • Checksum us calculated/validate when
      • IO enters or exits the SDC
      • IO is read or written to the SDS device
    • Protects against changes in transit
      • Disks maintain their own checksum
    • Enabled or disabled at Storage Pool Level
    • 16-bit per 512B block
  • 5 Node MDM Cluster
    • 5 MDM cluster members
    • Three options
      • 5-node: 3 MDMs + 2 Tie Breakers
      • 3-Node: 2 MDMs + 1 Tie Breaker
      • 1-Node: Single Node
    • Option for multiple standby MDMs
    • MDMs now have a unique ID and Name
  • Read Flash Cache
    • May be controlled by CLI or GUI
    • New type of SDS device added
    • New “Read Flash Cache” present in the backend view
    • Accelerate the reads of HDD devices by using PCI flash cards and SSDs for caching
  • ESRS
    • Two-way remote connection enables remote monitoring and remote diagnosis/repair
    • ScaleIO remote support works with ERSR v3 only
    • ScaleIO is registered as a single product using the license SWID
  • Instance Maintenance Mode
    • Supports SDS node reboot
  • Non-disruptive Upgrade Orchestration
    • NDU from Major to Major and Minor to Minor
    • Rolling
    • Done by IM
    • Upgrade Order
      • IM/Plugin, LIA, MDM, SDS, SDC
    • New Functionality available after upgrading MDM and SDS
    • SDC upgrade
      • May be accessing 2 or more clusters
      • Forwards and backwards compatible
      • Requires a host reboot
      • May be postponed to planned maintenance

ScaleIO 2.0 Expanded Agility

  • Enhanced GUI Storage Management
    • New “Frontend” tab
      • Volume operation: Add, Remove, Rename, Increase size, Enable and Disable, RAM Cache
      • Snapshots
      • SDC
    • Accessible based upon defined roles in ScaleIO or AD/LDAP

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