EMC Elect 2015

Today I was selected to be part of the EMC Elect Community.  I consider this to be a great honor and a privilege.  The goal of this blog is to spread knowledge, help out the community and to inform.  My main areas of focus rely mostly in the Datacenter.  I am beginning to branch out into the cloud and the Hyper Converged Space and hope to add that area as well.

Current Focus:

  • Storage
    • VNX
    • XtremIO
    • MDS
  • Data Protection
    • RecoverPoint
    • Hyper Visor based replication (RPforVMs and vSphere Replication)
    • VMware SRM

Future Focus:

  • Hyper Converged
    • VSPEX Blue
  • Cloud and Automation Technologies
    • EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud
    • ViPER
    • vRealize Suite

Thanks to the EMC Elect for selecting me to the 2015 club!