New features in RecoverPoint 5.0

DellEMC just released RecoverPoint 5.0. Listed below are the new features that you can find in the release notes of RecoverPoint 5.0.

Remove volume from a consistency group without journal loss

Volumes can now be removed from a consistency group without incurring journal loss. Adding volumes to a consistency group that are larger than the capacity of the journal will no longer cause the system to enter one-phase distribution mode.

Dynamic network interface assignment

This feature allows the user to select various network topologies that combine different traffic types (for instance, LAN and WAN) on the same network adapter. Reducing the number of ports reduces the number of IP addresses that need to be configured and alleviates some restrictions on network configuration (for instance, LAN and WAN will not necessarily have to be on different subnets). The user may also choose to have each traffic type on a dedicated network adapter as before.

Dynamic IP configuration

RecoverPoint 5.0 introduces the option of automatically assigning all RecoverPoint IP addresses except the cluster management IP address using the network DHCP server. This significantly reduces the work of installing a new RecoverPoint RPA cluster.

XtremIO enhancements

XtremIO enhancements include:

  • One to three consolidation policies can now be specified for each copy of a consistency group that resides on an XtremIO array.
  • XtremIO copy volumes can now be expanded on storage without triggering a pause in replication for the whole consistency group. In RecoverPoint 5.0, when a replication set is expanded on storage, RecoverPoint automatically re-configures the replication set to protect the expanded areas and updates the volume size.
  • Snapshot consolidation has been simplified and it can be customized through Unisphere for RecoverPoint as well as the CLI.
  • Dynamic LUN resizing.

ProtectPoint 3.5 partial recovery

When using RecoverPoint 5.0 with ProtectPoint 3.5 and later, specific volumes of a consistency group can be selected for production recovery, while others volumes in the group are not recovered.

Gen6 Hardware diagnostics

RecoverPoint 5.0 introduces error messages that identify a faulty fan or power supply on Gen6 hardware. These error messages allow replacing only the faulty unit.

Support for new event types

RecoverPoint release 5.0 generates events for arrays.

Language packs

Users no longer need to download and install the Unisphere for RecoverPoint language packs from the EMC Online Support site. The RecoverPoint 5.0 language packs are now built-into the product.


Serviceability improvements include:

  • The ability to collect partial system information specified by the user
  • Reducing the size of collected system information
  • A Change Management file that is older than 30 days prevents installation/upgrade and facilitates downloading an updated file
  • System Reports (SyR) mechanism identifies the product type (physical or virtual) and tracks first installation date and time
  • Users can specify the RPAs from which to collect logs
  • Downloading collected logs from a browser when the RPA is detached
  • Not forcing users to provide FTP server information when collecting logs from a detached RPA
  • Customer procedures on Solve Desktop are now customer viewable: Solve Desktop gathers critical information from EMC product guides to generate a concise procedure document.

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