AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional Exam Tips

I recently passed the AWS DevOps Pro exam and wanted to share my feedback on the exam and what it takes to get the certification.

So first off… Shew… This is a hard exam… One of the toughest of my career.

This is an exam that requires some extended experience in AWS. The more you work in AWS, the better off you will be. Of all the AWS exams, this one will require the most real-life experience.  Does this mean that if you have not done extensive work in AWS that you should not pursue this? No! Nobody knows everything and the most experienced professionals still learn every day.

Focus Areas

My experience with this exam covers several of the following:

  • AWS Code Developer Tools
    • Code Commit
    • Code Build
    • Code Deploy
    • Code Pipeline
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudWatch Events
  • Lambda
  • Auto Scale
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • OpsWorks
  • CI/CD

All of these are crucial to understand.  A good portion of the exam will focus on the Code Developer Tools, how they work together, how you build and deploy apps, how you provision infrastructure, etc.  Appspec and Buldspec files will come up, so understand each code developer service extensively.

Training Recommendations

This is a tough exam and its harder to find good training materials so as courses and labs.  There are several materials I recommend, not just for the exam, but also general training for anyone in an AWS Role

The AWS DevOps Blog 

This is very good blog that has some awesome articles and solutions around DevOps in AWS. Highly recommend going thru them as a couple scenarios showed up in the exam.

AWS Whitepapers

Reviewing this site will always be of use.  There is a section on Developer Tools that was useful in studying for this exam

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 2020 course by Stephane Maarek – 

I would have to rank this course as one of the best AWS Training courses I have ever done!!  The Instructor dives deep into all the sections of the exam and is a critical resource.  This course is not just an exam prep, it is a serious training course that anyone who is an AWS DevOps Engineer needs.  This course will prepare you for this exam and outranks any other training out there.

Exam Recommendations

AWS Professional exam are not just tough because of the required knowledge and content tested on, they are also a test of time management and focus. 

Exam Tips:

  • 75 questions in 180 minutes.  It seems like a long time, but you will use every minute of it
  • Time management will be key. Don’t get stuck on a question.  You will have an average of 140 seconds to complete the exam.  Don’t let a question cause you to rush other questions at the end
  • Question can be paragraphs long with answer choices that can be a paragraph long.  Don’t let this intimidate you.  When reading a question, pick out the important pieces of what is being asked.
  • Remember you can skip and flag answers that you can review at the end. Always a good strategy to use and other questions in the exam could trigger a memory about something you may be fuzzy on at that moment in time.
  • Do the AWS Practice exam on the certification signup page and the AWS sample questions on the Aws Exam details page.  They are a good test to see where you are and sometimes a question from there can pop on the real exam.

Good Luck!!

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