Isilon All-Flash

DELLEMC has announced an All Flash Isilon targeting the Extreme performance NAS markets.  Below is a high-level breakdown of the new platform.

  • Extreme density, modular and incredibly scalable all-flash tier
  • Start a cluster with a single chassis & scale to 100+ chassis in a single global namespace
  • Get up to 1PB of Flash from 1 4U chassis
  • All OneFS Features Supported
  • 6x greater IOPs per RU
  • 11x more throughput per RU
  • 2x greater cluster capacity per RU

Isilon All-Flash Advantages

  • Performance for demanding workloads
  • Ability to automatically tier data
  • All Isilon protocols supported
  • Enterprise grade commodity components
  • Enterprise features: Data protection, Data management, Data Security and compliance capabilities

Use Cases

  • Media and Entertainment – 4k streaming of data, need for constant turnaround times
  • Electronic Design Automation – Massive increase in design complexity, Silicon Technology every 2 years geometry shrinks and chip capacity doubles
  • IOT – sensor data
  • IOPs Intensive – Billions of small files, large datasets for parallel processing

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