Unity: Next Generation NAS & File Capabilities

True Unification

  • No separate hardware for File and Block
  • Built in 10GbT IP Ports (2 per SP)
  • Flexible multi-tenant virtual file serving technology
  • Provides SMB and/or NFS
  • No separate CIFS server

Unified storage pool architecture

  • Create a Storage Pool, then a NAS server, then the file system
    • Private LUN will be created in the pool
    • Then slices will be created
  • Pools can be snapped with Both Block and File on them

High Availability

  • Start with LACP
  • Create NAS Server. They can support 10 different IPs and different gateways
  • A SP will own the NAS Server, balance NAS across the SPs
  • NAS will failover in the event of an SP failover. Automatic failback one SP is fixed


  • 64TB File System
  • 128 NAS servers
  • 1500 file systems
  • 3PB Total NAS Capacity

Space Reclaim

  • Shrink, extend and space reclaim
  • Maual shrink/extend
    • Ability to change the capacity of file systems
  • Auto-shrink/extend for thin file systems
    • Tries to maintain 70%-75% capacity

Unity Data Services

  • Shrink and Reclaim
  • Quotas
    • User quota per file system
    • Tree quotas on new or existing directories
    • Per file system quota policy
  • NDMP for backups
  • Snapshots and replication
    • Fully unified, uses the same ROW
    • Schedulable
  • Fast Cache and Fast VP
  • Encryption
    • DARE

Application Integration

  • VMware NFS Datastores
    • Automatically mounted to vSphere after creation
    • Configure host I/O size to match intended application

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