I am currently at EMC World and being part of EMC Elect I was able to take a tour of SUPERNAP in Las Vegas.  I have been in a lot of datacenters in my career and I have to admit that this is the most impressive facility I have ever seen.  Below are some of the highlights;


  • Dual 200-mph rated roofing system.
  • Designed in mind that roofs need maintenance. So you can work on one of them and not affect the other.

Switch T-SCIF

  • A cabinet that contains the heat dissipation from all of the hardware. It separates the hot and cold air and lets the hot air rise and moves it out of the building

Switch WDMD

  • This allows 100% power uptime
  • Each facility is divided into three separate N + 2 power systems.
  • Each customer gets 2 circuits which comes with two completely separate N + 2 power systems
  • This allows maintenance without any interruptions

Switch TSC 1000 ROTOFLY

  • Multi-node HVAC platform that site entirely outside and does not eat the floor space.
  • The ROTOFLY supports refrigeration and temperature controls during a power outage
  • Ties in with the LIVING DATA CENTER software automating the process


  • LDC is a proprietary automatic building adjustment management system developed by SUPERNAP
  • Uses real-time monitoring to react and make adjustments
  • This makes these data centers the most efficient


  • Steel Infrastructure matrix that radiates cold to maintain temps.
  • All the weight is transferred to the 22 inch concrete slab that can hold 4,500 pounds per square inch.

They also have a highly trained security staff which guarantees there security and safety  of the equipment on-site.  One huge advantage is the Fiber network in place.  They have 50+ telecom providers and over 4,000 fibers.  They are connected by a SUPERLOOP which is 7ms to the Bay area and LA Metro.  One small bit of info that you may find interesting is that they have never had an outage. I would say that is the most impressive fact of all.  Check out to find out more info.

In conclusion if I am running a datacenter I want it in SUPERNAP.

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