VMware Site Recovery Manager Site Pairing

This is Blog 2 on VMware Site Recovery Manager.  This post will cover pairing your production site and your disaster recovery site.  At this point we have installed SRM at each site and connected them to the vCenter Server

Current Progress

  • Prod and DR Cluster
  • 1 host per cluster with vSphere 5.5
  • 1 Domain Controller (08R2) per site
  • 1 vCenter Virtual Appliance (5.5) per site
  • 1 SRM server per site. SQL express is installed on the same server

Site Pairing

Open up your vSphere client a the Production Site and go to SRM under the Solutions and Applications Tab


Select the Configure Connection at the Top


Enter your Remote Site vCenter Information


Validate the vCenter Server Certificate


vCenter Credentials for the Remote Server


Validate SRM Certificate


At this point the Sites will begin to Pair


Now log in with the vCenter Credentials that was used to pair the Sites.  Get used to this log in because it is needed each time you go into SRM.


Now when you login to SRM you will see both Production and Disaster Recovery Sites.  The site that you are logged into will show up as “Local”.


The next blog post will cover how to map all of the Necessary Resources and the Placeholder Datastore

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