Cohesity Orion 5.0 Overview

Cohesity has just announced Orion 5.0 and I wanted to give an overview of the release below.  I plan to do a few more posts going in-depth on each topic.

C3000 Dense Storage Nodes

  • Up to 183TB raw in a 2U node
  • Capacity optimized for data-intensive workloads
  • Can be added into a cluster that has C2000
  • Intelligent data placement
    • Data intensive workloads go on the C3000
    • Compute intensive workloads on C2000

Files and Objects

  • Multiprotocol access
    • NFS, SMB, S3 access
  • Global deduplication
    • Only globally deduped S3 object storage
  • Global indexing and Google-like search
  • User and file system quotas with audit logs

Data Protection

  • Hyper Visor Support now includes:
    • Hyper-V 2012R2, 2016
    • AHV
    • KVM
    • vSphere 6.5
  • Database protection now includes:
    • Oracle RMAN with RAC and ASM
    • MS SQL with Windows clustering, AAG
    • Either Physical or Virtual
    • Able to quickly clone and copy and attach those to other database instances
  • NAS Support with the ability to Snapshot based data protection now includes:
    • Pure FlashBlade
    • NetApp
    • Isilon
  • Physical Support:
    • File and volume level backup for Linux
    • Bare-metal restore for Windows


  • Integrate with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
  • 3 different ways
    • Cloud Archive or replacing Tape with Cloud
    • Cloud Tier
      • Base data temporarily in the cloud
    • Cloud Replicate
      • Replicate to Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition
      • GA on Azure
      • Limited Availability on AWS

SpanFS and SnapTree

  • 3 key layers to SpanFS
    • Access
      • This is where you support, NFS, SMB, S3 and DataProtection
    • Metadata Store
      • SnapTree
      • Consistent NoSQL Store
      • The IO Engine lives at this layer as well
    • Data Store
      • SSDs
      • HDD
      • Cloud Storage

You can find out more at

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