Avamar 7.5 is GA!!

Avamar 7.5 is now GA and I wanted to share the New Features.  Below is a list of exciting new things like AWS support and Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery.

Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery

Avamar 7.5 includes support for Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery. The Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery (DD Cloud DR) solution facilitates the disaster recovery of on-premises virtual machines by providing the capability to recover VMs in the cloud. DD Cloud DR integrates with existing on-premises backup software and Data Domain to copy backups of virtual machine data to the public cloud. It can then perform DR tests or failover of production environments by orchestrating a complete conversion of the VM to an Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance, and by running this instance in the cloud.

Avamar Virtual Edition for Amazon Web Services

The Avamar Virtual Edition (AVE) is now available for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Support for AVE with Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE) is also supported for the AWS and Azure versions of AVE.

Data Domain integration

  • DDOS 6.1
  • Data Domain Cloud Tier DR support

ESRS integration

Usage Intelligence collects and transfers reporting information to Avamar Support via the ESRS gateway.

Security enhancements

  • Security
  • 775 certificates
  • LDAP-S Support
  • Default to SHA-2 certificates
  • Disable TLS 1.0/1.1

Data Protection Central

Avamar support from the Data Protection Central

Migration enhancements

We now have the option when doing migration to select a range of dates to determine what backups should be migrated.

Backup clients features and changes

New client support in Avamar 7.5:

  • Ubuntu 16.04

New features and changes for the Avamar NDMP Accelerator

Support for the following product releases:

  • Unity OE 4.2
  • Isilon OneFS
  • Oracle ZFS 8.6.5

New features and changes for Microsoft application plug-ins

  • Data Domain token-based authentication now supported for Microsoft application plug-ins. This requires that both the server and clients be at release 7.5. Clients prior to release 7.5 will fail if token-based authentication is enabled on the Data Domain system.
  • Hyper-V—Granular Level Recovery for Microsoft Applications.
  • SQL—-Promotion to full is indicated in the Activity Window of the Avamar Administrator with the status Completed with Promotion.
  • Exchange— Improved Exchange backup and restore performance. The Exchange plug-in has been enhanced to intelligently discover relevant log files, and back up only those logs. This results in:
    • Improved Backup time.
    • Less storage space for each backup.
    • Improved GLR Browsing and restore time.

For backups that were made by a version of the Exchange plug-in prior to release 7.5, use the use_restore_logs_range=true backup option in the avexchglr.cmd file to restore only the relevant log files. Setting this option to true will enhance GLR Browse and restore times for these backups.

New features for VMware plug-in and the vSphere Web Client

  • Improvements to File Level Recovery
    • Support for XFS file systems
    • Support XFS on linear LVM logical volume
    • Support XFS on partition disk (XFS on-disk format version 5 is not supported in this release.)
    • End user recovery enabled from the FLR Web UI
    • Restore ACLs from the FLR Web UI
    • Scale improvements to the FLR Web UI
  • Most recent backup and most recent successful backup information now displayed in vSphere.
  • Ability to exclude the Windows page file (pagefile.sys) from the backup

Openstack DPE

  • Support for CBT.

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