New features in RecoverPoint for VMs 5.1

DellEMC has recently released RecoverPoint for VMs 5.1 and below is an overview of the new features.  Feel free to look through the release notes on all the 5.1 changes.

Scale and performance improvements

RecoverPoint for VMs provides enhanced scale-out ability for a cluster of Bronze+ (2 vCPU/8GB RAM) vRPAs:

  • Protect up to 8,000 VMs per vCenter
  • Protect up to 1,000 VMs per vRPA cluster
  • Manage up to 256 consistency groups by a single vRPA cluster

RecoverPoint for VMs achieves 100 percent across-the-board improvements in performance.

RecoverPoint for VMs improved CPU and memory usage when compression is enabled.

Deployment process improvements

RecoverPoint for VMs provides the following improvements with the deployment process:

  • Improved the vRPA cluster deployment success rate, by simplifying the network configuration process and adding validations and automation of the deployment flow.
  • The vRPA cluster connection flow is easy and robust, providing an intuitive flow and automated or guided resolution of issues.
  • Installation of a new vRPA cluster is successful without requesting customers to run any cleanup procedures as a pre-requisite.
  • Tolerance to past installations: Failed operations (deployment, site connect, maintenance) leave the environment in a state that is ready for additional operation tries.

Orchestration enhancements

RecoverPoint for VMs includes the following orchestration enhancements:

  • Predefined failover networks: Users can now easily define copy VM networks to be used after failover or during copy testing, or use the networks that are automatically assigned by the system.
  • Protected VM resource reservation enhancement
  • Ability to enable access to a copy VM without powering it up
  • Improvements in dynamic IP network configuration
  • Enables recovery flows to be an easy and robust operation
  • Provides the user clear status indications throughout the operation execution of image access or recovery flows.

RecoverPoint for VMs Deployer usability improvements

The RecoverPoint for VMs Deployer includes usability improvements in these areas:

  • Deployment flow in Install a vRPA cluster wizard
  • Connection flow in Connect vRPA clusters wizard
  • System validation of network and connection settings
  • Error prevention and handling
  • Log collection capability in Settings menu
  • User-friendly informational, warning, and error messages
  • Consistent display of lists and tables

Security improvements

RecoverPoint for VMs includes the following security improvements:

  • Improvements in certificate handling
  • Crypto hardening – User can set the minimum TLS protocol version to be supported by the RPA web server

Replication of hardware changes

The production VM network adapter, network type, and MAC address are now all replicated by default to copy VMs.

Removing the need for a Shadow VM

In this version, DellEMC eliminated the usage of a Shadow VM when replicating VMs in VMware’s vCenter. The advantages are lower resources used, and the number of copy VM reconfigure tasks performed by RecoverPoint for VMs is reduced to a single reconfigure. After upgrading to 5.1 and later, shadow VMs are automatically removed after the upgrade is complete.

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