Avamar 7.4 New Features and Changes

The following topics provide details on the new features and changes that are available starting with the release of Avamar 7.4 that is covered in the Release Notes

Avamar server features and changes

Data Domain integration

  • Cloud Tier support
  • Instant Access: The maximum number of VMware Instant Access restores allowed is increased to 32.
  • Replication with Data Domain systems:
    • Range Replication is now supported to improve replication performance between Data Domain systems.
    • Recipe Replication is now utilized to improve replication performance between Data Domain systems.
  • Support for Data Domain Virtual Edition 3.0

Avamar Virtual Edition

  • Support for AVE on OpenStack KVM

Backup clients features and changes

New client support in Avamar 7.4:

  • Windows Server 2016
    • BMR is not supported with Windows Server 2016.

New features and changes for the Avamar NDMP Accelerator

  • Support for EMC Unity.
  • Improved installation and upgrade procedures.

New features and changes for Microsoft application plug-ins

  • Microsoft Exchange new features:
    • Support for IP-less DAG
  • Microsoft SQL new features:
    • Windows Server 2016 support
    • Support for database consistency check before recovery
    • Support for Copy-only backups
    • Support for verification of backups
    • Table-level recoveries
  • Hyper-V new features:
    • Windows Server 2016 support
    • Incremental backups supported for Virtual Machine(s) on SMB shares
    • Incremental backups supported with Granular Level Recovery (GLR)

New features and changes for cross-platform application plug-ins

  • Sybase:
    • Support for Sybase Cumulative Backups.
    • Support for SAP ASE 16.0 SP02.
  • DB2:
    • Support for DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) backup and recovery
    • Protection of existing databases against accidental overwriting:

New features for VMware plug-ins

  • Image backup with database log truncation for Microsoft SQL and Exchange.
  • Automatic on-boarding of newly discovered Virtual Machines into pre-defined backup groups and rules.
  • File Level Recovery performance and scalability improvements.
  • Integration with Log Insight, providing central access to VM and proxy system logs.
  • Support for Windows Access Control List (ACL) recovery for VMware image backups