Rubrik 3.1 Release Details

My current role has me focusing on Data Protection in depth, which has been a passion of mine for a long time.  I have recently started diving into Rubrik and I believe this product is great solution for protecting your data.  Below is a breakdown of the latest release of 3.1 and the continued improvements and added features of the platform.

Native (Physical) Windows Protection

  • Granular File & Folder Level Protection
  • Incremental-Forever Backups
  • Automatic Connector Upgrades
  • Secure Cloud Archival
  • Pre and Post Scripting Features
  • Full Integration with Compliance Reporting
  • Support for Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2

There are a few Recovery Options for Windows Servers

  • Restore (in place)
    • Overwrite the original or create a new folder
    • Preserve ALCs and Timestamp
  • Export (out of place)
    • Export to another Windows Server
    • Preserver ACLs and Timestamp
  • Download Locally
    • Download files to the machine from where the administrator is running the Rubrik Web Interface

SQL Server Failover Clustering and other Improvements

  • Complete support of Microsoft SQL Servers running on WSFC Clusters
  • Automatically recognize a WSFC and creates a dedicated Failover Cluster Tab
  • Automatic failover following to the active node

Advanced Export Options

  • A SQL Server database can have multiple data and log files in various locations
  • User can specify where each file goes, individually, during an Export Operation

Other Improvements

  • Source side Compression and Decompression
  • SQL Server 2016 fully supported
  • Cross Version Restore – Support for restore to the same or newer version

Rubrik Envision

  • Create and customize reports to manage, share and visualize analytics for data management, compliance, and utilization.
  • Build your own or select from the system-built reports
  • Schedule emails in HTML-5 or download on-demand Excel reports
  • There are over 15 Attributes and almost 40 measures available

Software Encryption

  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Multiple Encryption modes used for speed
  • Key wrapping for higher security & secure cluster erasure
  • Supports encryption on a 1 Brik cluster
  • Internal Key Management via TPM
  • Support for all r300 series Briks

Other Enhancements

  • New design based on customer feedback to be “Host” centric
  • 100% Customer Driven Upgrades
    • Self-service upgrades via CLI
    • Simple workflow just download the upgrade file, upload to cluster, issue upgrade command
    • Enables scalable ROBO growth using the Rubrik Edge Virtual Appliance
  • vSphere Improvements
    • Manual vCenter refresh form the GUI
    • Restore directly to ESXi hosts
  • In-Place File Restore – Linux VMs
  • Log & Support Bundle Download
    • Download support bundle so it can be sent to Rubrik Support
  • Extended Timeframes for Dashboard and System charts from 4 hours to 24 hours


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