Dell EMC World 2016 – Final Thoughts

This year as an EMC Elect I got to attend DellEMCWorld in Austin. I was given Social Influencer access which lined up with the same access as the Press and Analysts. I was able to meet with some high level executives that gave me a lot of insight of where DELLEMC is going. I was also able to meet Michael Dell when he visited the EMC Elect during the Social Influencers Happy Hour. There was a great discussion on how social media can affect the IT industry. Having programs like EMC Elect have great value with the avenues it can open up.

Below is the takeaway from DellEMC World in Austin.

• Dell/EMC merger is not a distraction. Spending 4.5 Billion in RnD each year and there already is work on the new product lines.
• DELLEMC is leading with a hybrid-cloud setup.
• Dell has 40% market share of servers
• Several enhancements to product lines have been announced and will be available early 2017

New Releases

VxRail 4.0
• Dell Servers going forward
• 3 node starting point instead of 4
• ROBO. Grow by 1 node.

• XtremIO going unified next year with the new hardware
• X2 is a beast
• 1TB memory in controllers
• No more BBU. Batteries built in
• Double Dense DAES.
• Fluidfs (Dell IP) brought in for NAS piece. Super-fast NAS!!

• Isilon Nitro (All Flash)
• Idea for heavy transactional load and media
• 4U chassis. Grow with chassis. 1PB in a 4U chassis
• Ships 2017

• New Line of DataDomain
• Flash enabled
• Cloudtiering

ECS 3.0
• ECS 3.0 is the platform for CAS (replacing Centera and Atmos)
• D series is a tape replacement
• Can go software only installed on your own servers
• Storage use case for archive data.

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