VMAX: Behind The White Light Of The All Flash VMAX 450F/FX & 850F/FX

Summary of the VMAX All Flash Session

  • 4M IOPS
  • 8TB SSD
  • Simple, Simple, Simple
  • 2 models, VMAX 450 and VMAX 850
  • 4PBu
  • FC, FICON and iSCSI
  • Scales up to 192 ports
  • V-BRICK = 2 DAEs
  • Raid 5 (7+1) and Raid 6 (14+2)
  • Engine connections are thru infiniband
  • Participates in the Xpect More program
  • Software licensed based on the Hardware
  • Cache acceleration
  • 100% writes are cached
  • ~50% of reads are cached
  • Writes stay in cache for minutes to help deal with re-writes
  • Cache and disks trace at 128k
  • AES-256, chips on the backend, Embedded RSA encryption key manager
  • SnapVX can do up to 256 snaps

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