Unity: Performance Best Practices

Pre-Production Testing

  • Use tools like VDbench
  • Understand the limits
  • Populate the data first then run your workload
  • Document your testing with timestamps, changes, etc
  • Mimic your production environment as much as possible
  • Don’t run defaults. They are not use case scenario’s
  • Validate processes before testing. Unmap for Fast Cache, zeroing when reusing disk and turn on encryption out the gate

Considerations for Production

  • Pools
    • All flash vs Hybrid
    • Hybrid can’t have more than 50% flash
    • Think of Metadata for snaps
  • I/O Modules
    • PCIe 8 & 16
    • 12Gb SAS
    • 16GB FC
    • 1GbE front end
    • 10GB iSCSI
    • Can’t change CNA ports from iSCSI or FC
    • I/O modules are persistent once put in
  • Port utilization
    • Multicore
    • CAN offloads for iSCSI
    • Recommend to do as many FE ports as possible
  • NAS
    • LACP for 1GB
    • Split NAS across SPs
  • Advanced Data Services
    • FAST VP
    • Unified Snapshots
    • Asynchronous Replication
    • Synchronous Replication
  • Analysis
    • Storage Analytics
    • Viper SRM
    • Mitrends
    • Unisphere Central
    • CloudIQ

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