Data Domain: What’s New In 2016

Data Domain: What’s New In 2016

Below is my notes for the What’s New in DataDomain in 2016. DataDomain continues to improve and evolve.

Cloud Enabled

  • Native Tier to the Cloud
  • Simple management
  • No separate cloud gateway or Virtual Appliance
  • Data is sent directly from DD to cloud object storage
  • Protect up to 51 PB of logical capacity to the cloud
  • Scales 2x the max capacity of the active tier
  • Send only unique data to the cloud
  • Data lands in the cloud already deduplicated
  • Only recalls unique data from the cloud
  • Supported with DD Encryption and Retention Lock
  • Supports ECS, AWS, Azure and Virtustream

Enterprise Ready

  • Secure Multi-Tenancy
  • Quotas for replication as a service
  • Physical Capacity Measurement
  • Detailed Space Utilization
  • Active/standby with automatic failover
  • DD OS 5.7 has 256 active MTrees on DD9500
  • DS60 Dense Shelf. Supported with DD 4200, 4500, 7200 and 9500
  • Online storage migration

Software Defined

  • DDVE
  • 2TB/hr with DD Boost
  • Logical capacity up to 800TB
  • Useable up to 16TB
  • Easy OVA deployment
  • ROBO
  • DataDomain Management Center. Manage up to 100 DD/DDVE
  • Try and Buy option


  • VCE Data Protection Appliance
  • Pre-configured by VCE

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