New Features and Changes in XtremIO Ver. 4.0.2-65

New Features and Changes in Ver. 4.0.2-65

This section describes the following new features and changes that are introduced in this software version.

They include:

  • Hardware Enhancements
  • Non-Disruptive Online Cluster Expansion
  • New Volume Access Levels
  • GUI and Usability Enhancements
  • Disable Encryption and Non-Encrypted Models

Hardware Enhancements

  • New cluster configuration
    • Customers can deploy up to 6 and 8 X-Bricks in a cluster for the 40TB X-Brick type.
  • New Field Replaceable Units (FRU)
    • This version allows field replacement of the InfiniBand Switches’ PSU and fan in by a certified technician

Non-Disruptive Online Cluster Expansion

  • An XtremIO cluster can be expanded non-disruptively from a single X-Brick to dual X-Brick, while the cluster is online and serving data, adding agility to the data center.
  • An XtremIO Storage Array can grow both in capacity and performance as more workload is consolidated into the system. This enables customers to start with a smaller cluster and expand it according to the workload growth.
  • The added capacity and performance is available for consumption during the expansion process.

New Volume Access Levels

In order to prevent unauthorized access to Volumes, especially in disaster recovery (DR) scenarios, the user may want to limit the hosts on the DR site from writing to the DR Volumes before there is an actual failover, but still keep the hosts mapped to the Volume.

This version provides the following new features and changes:

  • A Volume is created with Write access rights. A Snapshot can be created as either read-only or writable. Starting from version 4.0.2, after creating Volumes and Snapshots, the user can modify them and change their access level.
  • A Volume/Snapshot with write access can have one of the following access levels:
    • No access – With this access level, all SCSI commands for accessing data on the Volume (read and write commands) fail, and all SCSI discovery commands (i.e. inquiries on Volume characteristics without accessing the data on the Volume) succeed.
    • Read access – With this access level, all SCSI write commands fail, and all SCSI read and discovery commands succeed.
    • Write access – With this access level, the host is authorized to write to the Volume and all commands succeed.

GUI and Usability Enhancements

This version adds new maintenance functionality to the Graphical User Interface that allows shutting down or starting/stopping a cluster.

Note: After a cluster has been shut down remotely, physical access to the cluster is required to turn it on.

Disable Encryption and Non-Encrypted Models

This version allows disabling the Data at Rest Encryption (DARE), if desired. Disabling and Enabling is done when the cluster is stopped.

For countries that do not allow import of encrypted products, a special part number has been created with which encryption is disabled and cannot be enabled.

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