Zerto 4.0 VPG Failover

This is Blog 5 in the Zerto Replication 4.0 Series.  This blog will cover the Virtual Protection Group (VPG) Failover.

Current Setup

  • Production Cluster of 2 hosts
  • DR Cluster of 1 host
  • ZVM has been deployed at both sites on Windows 2012 R2
  • VRAs have been installed at each site
  • Sites have been paired
  • VPG’s have been created
  • A test failover has been completed

VPG Failover

Login to the Zerto Interface and go to the VPG Tab.  Make sure the “Failover” option is selected and click Failover.


Failover window will pop up. Select you VPGs that you want to failover and select next.


Review the Execution Parameters.  Make sure to choose the “Revers Protect All” option.  This will start protection again once the VPG has failed over


You are now ready to failover


After you have started the failover go to the Monitoring Tab and observe the failover progress.  It will go thru several steps.


Once you have started the failover you can observer the steps in vCenter at the protection site.


Once the failover has completed the Delta Sync (re-protect) will start.


Once the sync is complete the direction of the replication will show up under the VPG List


The Site Topology on the dashboard will now show replication going in both directions


Now the VM “Labwin7” now resides at the DR Site


My next blog will cover the new management interface and its changes.

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