Creating Volumes, Initiator Groups and Mapping them in XtremIO 4.0

EMC has recently released XtremIO 4.0 and with that comes an interface change under the configuration tab.  This blog will show you the new look interface and how to create Volumes, Initiator Groups, and how to map them together.

Configuration Tab

As you can see the Configuration Layout has changed.  This new look provides more detail when it comes to Volumes, Consistency Groups, Snapshots, Initiator Groups, Initiators and Schedules.


Creating a Volume

You have 2 ways to create a volume shown below.  Either right-click Volumes or use the Create Volume button.


Specify the Volume parameters such as size, Logical Blocks, IO Alerts and VAAI Alerts (Recommended).  You can also add multiple volumes at the same time by select “Add Multiple” on the right side.


Specify Number of Volumes, Name, Start Index, Size, Logical Blocks, IO Alerts and VAAI Alerts


Manage the Volume Tags by either selecting an existing one or creating one by selecting “Create Tag” at the end


Give the Tag a name and decide what object the Tag should be defined under


Once you have selected your tag click “Finish”.  The Volume will now show up under the Volume Tab


Initiator Group Creation

You have 2 ways to create an Initiator Group shown below.  Either right-click Initiator Groups or use the Create Initiator Group button.


Specify Initiator Group Name then select “Add” to add the initiator.


Add the Initiators for the Initiator Group.  Name each initiator and specify OS Type


Create and apply any Initiator Group Tags if needed


The Initiator Group will now show up.  Verify Zoning and Connectivity by going to the Targets Tab and looking at the FC1 and FC2 connections for green check marks.



Mapping Volumes to Initiators

Go to the Volumes Section and select the Volumes you want to Map. You can Right Click the Volumes or select “Create/Modify Mapping”


Select the Initiator Groups that you want to map


Specify a Volume ID and then Finish


Select the Mapping Tab to see what Volumes are mapped to the Initiator Group


At this point you can add your storage to your hosts.

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