Zerto 4.0 VRA Install and Site Pairing

This is Blog 2 in the Zerto Replication 4.0 series.  This blog will cover the Virtual Replication Appliance (VRA) install as well as Site Pairing.  To find out more about Zerto go to Zerto.com

Current Setup

  • Production Cluster of 2 hosts
  • DR Cluster of 1 host
  • ZVM has been deployed at both sites on Windows 2012 R2

VRA install

Login to the ZVM interface and go to “Setup” tab.  Click “New VRA” to begin deploying VRAs.


Complete the Host Details for the VRA and Network Details for the VRA then click “Install”.


Once you complete the Install Wizard several things will happen including VRA deployment, DRS rules keeping VRAs on separate hosts and Opening Firewall Ports.


Once you have deployed the VRAs you will see them under the “Setup” Tab.


Do this at you DR site as well. I have setup 1 VRA per host in each cluster.  Now let’s move on to Site Pairing.

Site Pairing

Login to the ZVM interface and go to “Sites” tab.  Select the “Pair” option.


Add Site


Your Sites will pair


At this point you can go to “Sites” in the ZVM and see your DR Site


My next blog in the series will cover Virtual Protection Group (VPG) creation

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