VSI 6.5

EMC recently released Virtual Storage Integrator 6.5 and I wanted to share some of the new features that were added. If you are using EMC storage (especially XtremIO) then you need to be using VSI!

This release includes the following new features:

  • Support for VMware vSphere 6.0
  • Support for setting multipathing policies from the VSI GUI using native multipathing and PowerPath®/VE
    • Note: The PowerPath multipathing setting is supported in vSphere 6.0, only.
  • Support for selectively disabling snapshots during datastore protection in AppSync
  • Support for the following functions on EMC VNXe3200 storage:
    • Extend datastores on a thick or thin LUNs and NFS file systems
    • Enable and disable deduplication and compression on VNXe3200 datastores and virtual machines
      • Note: The default file system size for VNXe3200 version 3.1 is 32 bit. For VNXe3200 version 3.1.1, the default file system size is 64 bit. For version 3.1 you can enable and disable file compression and deduplication. These functions are not available for a 64-bit file system.
  • Support for client registration on EMC VMAX3 storage
  • Support for the following features on VPLEX storage:
    • View the properties of the VPLEX storage system, VMFS datastores, and RDM volumes
    • Provision VMFS datastores and RDM volumes to virtual machines

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