RecoverPoint for VMs – Test Copy

EMC RecoverPoint for VMs is a virtualized hypervisor-based replication and disaster recovery solution that is integrated into the VMware. Virtual RecoverPoint appliances is installed on existing ESXi servers with and ESXi splitter that resides on all servers with protected workloads, allowing replication and recovery at the virtual disk (VMDK and RDM) level. Since the I/O splitter resides within the vSphere hypervisor, RecoverPoint for VMs can replicate VMs to and from any storage array supported by VMware: SAN, NAS, DAS, and vSAN.

This blog will cover Testing Copies but first you must have the following prereqs completed.

  • ESXi splitter installed on each esxi host
  • iSCSI network setup
  • vRPAs deployed at each site
  • RP clusters deployed
  • RP Datastore Journals at each site registered
  • Consistency Groups have been created and is fully initialized

RPforVMs is accessed via the Web Client and there is not thick client option.  The vSphere Web Client Plugin is installed once the RP cluster has been deployed


Testing a Copy

Login to RPforVMs and go to the Protection Tab.  Select your Consistency Group that you want and select the Test Option


Define the Testing Scope.  Consistency Group or Group Set.


Select the Point-in-Time you want to access. You have 3 Options

Latest Image


An Image from the Image List


Specific Point in Time


The next step is to define your Testing Network.  I usually create a vswitch and do not attach a physical nic to it.  The different options are listed.


Summary for the Enable Image Access




The Recovery Action will now begin


Several things will begin to happen.  If you select the Isolated Network option vCenter will add a vSwitch and Port Group.  The .copy.recoverpoint place holder will be removed and the Targer VM will be registered with the .copy extension.


After all of this the VM is up and running and is ready for your testing.


After you have completed your testing and ready to tear it back down go back to the Consistency Group and Disable Image Access





At this point the Target Copy will be removed, Test vSwitch will be deleted, and the place holder will be added back to Inventory


Placeholder is powered back on and Testing has been completed.


The Next blog will cover the process of “Recovering Production”

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