XtremIO 3.0.2-14 Release

XtremIO 3.0.2-14 was just released and below is a list of the fixes. These can be found in the release notes for 3.0.2-14. General Fixed Issues

  • In some rare scenarios network issues cause unexpected cluster shutdown.
    • XIO-10189
    • XIO-9606
    • XIO-9524
  • In some cases Fiber Channel Ports fail to start after a cluster restart.
    • XIO-10062
    • XIO-9938
  • In very rare cases running a specific debug command causes an unexpected Storage Controller restart.
    • XIO-9863
    • XIO-10392

Upgrade and Cluster Hardware Upgrade Fixed Issues 

  • NDU fails when there are more than 22 SCSI-3 reservations
    • XIO-9855
  • In some rare cases NDU OS upgrade fails without rolling back, causing an unexpected service interruption.
    • XIO-7072
    • XIO-9991
  • In some rare cases firmware upgrade fails during NDU.
    • XIO-9454

UI and XMS Fixed Issues

  • Using RESTful API with External User (LDAP) can cause XMS unavailability.
    • XIO-5355
  • SNMPv2C trap OID is not correct.
    • XIO-5635
  • XtremIO GUI does not start with Java8u25 and Java7u71.
    • XIO-8470

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