Zerto VPG Failover

This is Blog 5 of 5 on Zerto Replication.  This blog will cover how to do a “Failover” for a Virtual Protection Groups (VPG).  First, let’s recap where  we are.

  • ZVM has been installed at both sites
  • The sites have been paired
  • VRAs deployed at both sites
  • VPGs have been configured and replicating
  • VPGs have been tested with a test failover

So now Zerto is up and running 100%.  We are now ready to failover VMs in the event of a Disaster Recovery Scenario. 

Go to the VPG you want to failover.  In the bottom right-hand corner move button to “live” and select the failover arrow.


Select the VPGs you want to failover and select next


 Here you will select your “Commit Policy”, “Shutdown Protected VMs” and the “Checkpoint” of your choosing


You are now ready to execute the failover process.  The failover starts, by creating the virtual machines in the recovery site to the point-in-time chosen in the previous step.  Finally the data is promoted from the journal to the VM and the failover is complete.


As you can see the LABWIN7VM1 has failed over to the DR cluster


This concludes my series on Zerto.  I hope this blog series has been helpful and showed you how Zerto can be a great asset for your disaster recovery needs.


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